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Customers are very important to us, in fact as a customer you are our boss.
We strive to provide you with a cost effective solution for any computer related problem,
if we cannot help you we will recommend someone who can.

Our goal is to make you feel like family while we do it.

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nickisalright ‎ – Dec 7, 2011
 Peter is a wonderful tech and hardware support guru. He’s helped me incalculable times, from the smallest repair needs to the to helping me with step by step instructions on larger projects of my own such as hardware assembly. Tonight I needed some help figuring out a problem with my desktop and he took the time to walk me through things, VNC into my compuer, and set me up so I could continue troubleshooting the problem in the after hours. Truly a gentleman and a scholar who I will continue coming to for my computer service needs for years to come, guaranteed! UPDATE: I would not go to anyone else for my computer needs. Time and time again, when I am having acomputer issue, I know I can turn to Peter and have it fixed in no time flat. Tonight I spent an hour trying to figure out a driver issue on a fresh Windows install on my newly fixed laptop. Frustrated, I called Peter and had him take a look. He not only fixed the issue in less than 5 minutes, he set up the laptop with security, adblock, and basic media functionality free of charge. I will be using his services whenever I have a computer issue, no questions asked
Benjy ‎ – Dec 15, 2010
From the moment of first contact, Mike showed an exemplary focus on customer service, tremendous technical knowledge, great passion for his work, and a clear unswerving desire to help to solve the problems I was having. He spent over half an hour on the phone with me (without charging for that time), and, when it became clear that a site visit was needed, he arrived right on time and not only helped me with the networking issue at hand but also setting up peripherals while being MORE than reasonable in what he charged me. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend them to anyone in need of computer-related assistance. A rare and wonderful combination of excellent service, technical expertise, and willingness to go the extra distance to be of help … wish there was a sixth star!!
Ashley ‎ – Jan 5, 2010
Outstanding Business Ethic Basically, I show up, they dissect my computer right before my eyes. We research the options for course of action. Yes, they could charge me for that time spent and yes they could tell me to pay for the repair but the truth was it would be most cost effective for me to purchase a new computer. So they told me the truth and it cost me nothing. In all future computer endeavors Bolt will be my #1 resource. I will enthusiastically refer all my friends and family, therefore my review is that Bolt is highly recommended
Bruce ‎ – Nov 5, 2009
Trustworthy and stands behind his work Peter from Bolt Computer Services did an excellent job cleaning up my computer and setting my Outlook and email accounts to work well with each other. When we ran into a glitch several weeks later he came back no questions asked and said we will make this right for me. He stands behind his work and is quick and professional. I feel it is important to be able to trust a technician in your home and with your important information; Peter from Bolt is just that guy. I recommend his work.
Timothy ‎ – Sep 5, 2009
This guy knows his stuff. My computer was so infected with viruses I was afraid it would never work again and Peter knew exactly what to do to make it good as new. He also gave me a great deal on an external hard drive. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who is having problems with their computer.