Laptop Repair

Affordable Laptop Repair In Portland OregonBolt Laptop Repair Portland provides fast, affordable and reliable laptop repair in Portland and beyond. When you rely on your laptop and it goes down, your whole world can stop in its tracks. At Bolt Computer repair of Portland, we understand the importance of getting you back on track and back to your life. We provide free loaner laptops, free laptop inspections while you wait, and a wealth knowledge earned from years of experience. Whether the screen cracked on your Dell Laptop, keyboard on an HP, power supply on a Lenovo, or a mother board in your Asus, no matter what the laptop repair or laptop model, Bolt Laptop Repair Portland we will fix it promptly and efficiently, even Mac laptop repairs.

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Common Laptop Repairs & Problems:

Macbook Repairs

mackbook-screen-repair in PortlandDid your Macbook take a drop? Spill something on it? Have no fear, we fix Macbooks and Macbook Pros! From Macbook screen repair, keyboard repair and Macbook upgrades, we do it all. Our Portland Macbook repair technicians can fix nearly any problem or repair you’re Macbook needs.

Laptop Screen Repair

If your laptop screen is cracked or the images on your screen flicker your computer might have a problem with the LCD. Another common problem that occurs is the screen fades to black after booting up. This may be a problem with the laptop backlight. These problems could also be due to laptop display drivers or laptop graphics cards. From bumps to shakes to drops, fast and affordable laptop screen replacement is only one call away. At Bolt Laptop Repair Portland, we have parts in stock! Bolt Portland Laptop Computer Repair technicians will be able to diagnose and fix the problem. Laptop Call Bolt Laptop Computer repair of Portland and we will return your laptop in pristine condition with original factory parts and equipment.

Laptop Keyboard Repair

Does your laptop have missing keys? Have you spilled water on your keyboard and now you are experiencing issues with the keys not responding? Do buttons keep coming off and you don’t know why? You might need to replace your laptop keyboard. Portland Computer Repair Pro can fix any laptop keyboard. and it is a lot cheaper to replace a keyboard than a whole computer.

Laptop Power Jack Repair

Did you pull that cable too hard? Are you keeping the battery alive by holding it against the body of the laptop? That a DC Jack repair, and it’s the jack that is inside the body of the laptop that needs to be re-soldered and replaced. Our Portland laptop repair technicians can repair nearly any laptop power jack. Faulty laptop DC Jacks are one of the most common issues that cause laptops to run slowly or not at all. If your laptop only runs with the battery or if your DC Jack feels loose you might be in need of a new one. But not just anybody can install a new one. Bolt Portland Laptop Computer Repair Pro employs trained professionals capable of installing a new DC Jack in your laptop. DC Jacks on most laptops do not have enough reinforcement and will loosen under normal wear and tear. We repair laptop DC Jacks to a higher standard than the original manufacturers. Call Bolt Laptop Computer Repair of Portland for the best laptop repair services and rates.

Laptop Touchpad Replacement

Laptop touchpads can be an annoyance for many laptop users. Much of the time it can be as simple as adjusting your settings to get the laptop touchpad working properly. If your laptop mouse keeps freezing or skipping or if it is hard to control you cursor there may be a serious problem with your laptop touchpad. Bolt Portland Computer Repair Pro’s will order and replace your faulty touchpad with a new one.

Laptop Virus, Spyware & Pop-up Scan

If you have annoying popups or notice that your computer is running very slowly, you might have a virus. Many antivirus programs are not able to block all viruses from entering your computer. Our technicians will remove viruses, consult you on how to stay virus free, inform you of good software to use to keep your computer safe and your information secure.

Laptop Motherboard Repair

Laptop motherboards control the following hardware such as Audio, Video, Power, USB, Firewire, and Keyboard/Touchpad. If you’re experiencing issues with any of your hardware our technician’s will diagnose the issue. Often this is cheaper to repair the laptop instead of swapping out your laptop motherboard out. However if you do have a laptop motherboard issue, our computer repair professionals will replace your laptop motherboard with the highest quality laptop motherboards available within your budget.

Laptop Inverter

If your laptop LCD screen flickers or shows just a faint image your laptops inverter might be broken. The laptops computers inverter controls the power going to the backlights of the screen and if broken can cause your screen to have lighting issues.

Laptop Overheating

Does your laptop over heat then shutdown on its own? It may be time to have your cooling system checked out. This is an inexpensive repair that can save you from having to replace your motherboard in the future. If a computer overheats it can cause damage to the internal parts. That is why it shuts itself down, in order to keep it from getting damaged.

Laptop Data Recovery

Bolt Portland Laptop Computer Repair Pros offers quick data recovery services. We will back up your laptop Hard Drive and transfer all Documents/Pictures/Audio/Video files on to a DVD, CD or external hard drive. It is a common misconception that data recovery has to be expensive. Bolt Portland Laptop Computer Repair Pro makes data recovery affordable and easy.

Laptop Repair Parts

Our expert laptop technicians can help you to identify, purchase and install the part that you need to fix your laptop. We are available via phone at 503-616-2841 or via email at Whether you need mainstream parts like laptop batteries, laptop hard drives, ac adapters, memory, printer maintenance kits, or CD, CD-Rom, CDRW or DVD drives, or more hard-to-find parts like LCD Displays, inverters, mother boards, components, plastics and assemblies, Portland Computer Repair Pro is here to help you get the parts you need and get them installed in your laptop to get it up and running as soon as possible. Bolt Portland Laptop Computer Repair technicians are knowledgeable with such brands such as IBM, NEC, Apple/Mac, Acer, Gateway, Dell, Alienware, Fujitsu, Panasonic, HP, Compaq, Sony, Toshiba, Oki, and Lexmark.

Call Bolt Portland Laptop Repair: 503-616-2841